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Fwd: Re: SW geek/nerd/freak scale

Poster: "David Ritterskamp" <jonnyb70@hotmail.com>

[Julien comments:]
>Actually (and we're drifting far from the original topic here),

[And the downside of this is...? :)]

>I would
>argue against that comparison.  IMHO, I would say that your average
>SCAdian is more comparable to a convention-going fan, as opposed to the 
>more rabid fan who would stand in line at a public theatre in a Star
>Wars (or Star trek, or whatever) costume.  The distinction, I think, is
>that your average SCAdian limits the outward tangible presentation of
>their hobby to venues specifically set up to cater to that hobby.  A
>sci-fi convention is specifically designed to cater to the scifi
>fanatic's hobby, but a movie theatre isn't.

[And snickering to myself, I say to Julien, "Define your mythological 
*average* SCAdian.  I have yet to see one.

It is, however, not terribly difficult to point out an *average* sci-fi 
*fanatic*; they're the ones standing in line in costume.

Note the differences there; your average sci-fi *FANATIC* vs. your average 
SCAdian.  That's easy because it's not a reasonable comparison.  If, OTOH, 
you attempted to describe your average sci-fi fanatic vs. your average SCA 
fanatic, that might bear a striking resemblance.  AAMOF I suspect they do; 
the average Sci-fi fanatics are the ones in line in costume, and the average 
SCA fanatics are the ones handing out the SCA fliers to the SF fanatics as 
seen below.  :)

>Of course, somebody already mentioned about a number of SCAdians seeing
>a movie in garb, so I'd put them in the same category as the scifi
>fanatic that went to see SW in costume.  Not that that's necessarily
>bad, mind you, but just I think that there is a difference between that
>level of a particularly
(did you mean to insert a word here, Julien?)
'hobby' and what is the average level of that
>SW "Average Enthusiast" according to the earlier scale presented

Ditto.  I don't think that the scale I fudged up is very useful for defining 
a SCAdian enthusiast, though.  Anybody wanna add to these?

Somebody else should rank these in order of fanaticism, though...

If you...

...saw the SCA once at a festival, thought "interesting" and never saw them 

...saw the SCA, came to an event or two, don't have a membership but brag 
about being a SCAdian to your friends...

...occasionally put off paying bills to go to a particularly good event...

...know most of your friends by their SCAdian name rather than their mundane 

...know *all* of your friends by their SCAdian name rather than their 
mundane name...

...will participate in going to local stores and such in garb while at 

..think going to said events is fun...

...actively seek opportunities to freak the mundanes...

...had a bunch of hobbies that you did before joining the SCA...

Or we could just drop the whole thing and move on to something 


J. Blackbow, who thinks he's an Average Enthusiast but doesn't remember what 
he wrote :)

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