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Nerds and Geeks and SCAjuns, oh my!

Poster: "Susan  and Frank Downs" <sfdowns@pinn.net>

Susan and Frank Downs wrote:
> Poster: "Susan  and Frank Downs" <sfdowns@pinn.net>
> Keilyn may have overstated her case a bit, but having been loudly hailed
> across Virginia Tech's campus as "Lord Naro," (this was a while back) I will
> attest that it is embarassing.  I'm sure Keilyn has far more, and far more
> extreme, occasions under her belt.

Okay, just for the record, FRANK wrote that. I've actually been caled
"Baroness Caitlin" in my public school classroom, when I'm wearing teacher
togs, talking to a parent who desperately wants to believe that I am a
Normal Person. I'm still not sure my explanation succeeded.
On the Episode I front, what we do for fun at Casa Takenoshita is to make up
our Darth names. Take a word that begins with in- (like "invader" or
"insidious"), remove the in-, and put Darth in front (Darth Vader, Darth
Sidious, Darth Continent, Darth Competent...you get the idea). Big fun!
Nerdling merrily along, 
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