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Re: No nerds here

Poster: Bruce Glassford <bglassford@mindspring.com>

At 02:48 PM 5/19/99 -0700, Betty Eyer wrote:
>Poster: Betty Eyer <betty_eyer@yahoo.com>
>I have to agreee with you, Vard.  I will probably see the movie, and
>maybe even enjoy it, but I can't understand the burning desire to see
>it the first day?!?!  It's a MOVIE, for gosh sakes, and thousands have
>seen it before it ever gets distributed.  
>I saw on CNN a bit on folks who had waited, not overnight, but days,
>weeks and up to a month just to be able to say that they saw it the
>first night.  The day that I decide to stand in line FOR A MONTH for
>tickets to anything (yes, even Pennsic), shoot me and put me out of my

Talk about overly hyped.  I'm travelling up in Cleveland today - apparently
there's only one theatre showing the movie (per another person in line)
[the theatre is next to the hotel...].  The 7:10PM showing almost sold out,
the 7:40 show was 1/2 empty, and there was nobody in line for the 10:30
showing at 10:00 when the 7:40 got out.  Those people waiting a month for
tickets wasted a month :-)

(Walked up at 6:00 to get the tickets for 7:40)..
Good movie, though.  

... bruce 

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