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Date: May 20 '99, 07:47
Attr: Loc 
From: Dave Aronson, (1:109/120.0)
To  : julien@spiaggia.org, (1:109/120.0)
Subj: Re: Spam?? was:  Ahem.
Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org> writeth:

 j> The main reason where I could possibly see someone considering
 j> these messages as SPAM is if they are (inadvertantly) being posted
 j> to a Kingdom list that doesn't have rapier.  In that case, the
 j> messages would indeed be considered just so much wasted bandwidth.

Even then, not necessarily so.  Just because a kingdom doesn't
officially recognize rapier combat doesn't mean it doesn't happen
informally (as happens with shinai, carpet-daggers, etc.), let alone
that there are not SCAdians there who would be quite interested.  There
is, IMHO, a FAR higher probability of the latter, than of their being
suckers who would fall for the typical spammed scams....  B-)
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