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Date: May 20 '99, 07:52
Attr: Loc 
From: Dave Aronson, (1:109/120.0)
To  : rabah@tez.net, (1:109/120.0)
Subj: Eggheads Nerds and Geeks
(Eggheads, nerds, and geeks,
 We hear it from the players on the team,
 They call us
 Eggheads, nerds, and geeks,
 But every night all the jocks would run around,
 And drink their IQs down!)

rabah <rabah@tez.net> writes:

 r> Any other Mensans out there?

Yup.  Tons of us.  I noticed the overlap long ago.  Remember when both
groups were having similar problems of expensive offices, obsolete
computers, etc.?  As one was on the west coast and one was on the east,
and they had (and still have) so much overlap, I suggested that the two
HQs get together and share facilities somewhere in the Midwest.  B-)

I hang out with both groups for largely the same reason, intellectually
stimulating interaction with other people.  The fact that the SCA has a
much narrower focus only means it's like a recurring specific Mensa
event, as though someone had a medieval Mensa event every few months.

 r> Did you take the Mensa test to qualify
 r> or an alternative test such as the SAT or GRE?

SAT.  I've found that a very popular option, since most of those
interested and qualified, took it anyway -- at least, within the late
twenties through mid-forties or so.  (Younger and they'd have taken a
version of the SAT that Mensa won't accept any more; older and they
either didn't take the SATs, or have lost their score reports.)

 r> If you're going to reply on this topic please do so privately
 r> to myself or Vard so we don't drive the rest of the list nuts.

I believe this is a topic of interest to SCAdians (and Mensans) in
general, so I would prefer to keep it public.  If you really want to
take this private, feel free to respond to me offline -- but an ordinary
Reply won't do it.  Email me as postmaster@f120.n109.z1.fidonet.org, or
email listrep at the same domain before replying.
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