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Heralds Needed for Siege of Acre

Poster: Costello53@aol.com

Attention all heralds and herald wannabes who will be attending the Siege of 

Are you tired of attending events and doing the same old thing, like 
consulting tables for names ("Well, unless you can provide me some evidence 
that Morning Star Larksong is your legal name or some better documentation 
than pg. 57 of My Magic Wild Dark Knight, we might have some trouble getting 
it passed.") or devices ("Why yes, gules, 3 lions statant guardant or is a 
very period device, but there might be some conflict problems.")  Well, if 
so, the Siege of Acre has some openings for people like YOU!

Just think - you could be King Richard's personal herald and trade bon mots 
with the King of France and Saladin's brother.  You could be the person 
responsible for delivering the message that ends the truce and starts the 
fighting for Acre once again.  Or, if your persona is Middle Eastern, you 
could be herald to Saladin's brother and put those infidels in their places 
with a few well-chosen words.  The  possibilities are tremendous and the 
chance for advancement great.

And, if being a personal or court herald holds no appeal,  perhaps you would 
care to put the fear of Deity into heavies, dukes, barons, Pelicans and 
Laurels with some well-timed informational announcements ("If the blue 
minivan with the 14 pieces of armor strapped to the roof rack in front of the 
Crusader camp doesn't move to the parking lot NOW, it will be towed.")

Now, for the best news of all:  You don't need to be a warranted herald to 
participate in the Siege of Acre as a herald.  We are accepting applications 
from any and all loud, or even sorta kinda loud, voices attached to warm, 
quasi-human bodies who want to try their hand at being a herald.

Come on out and strut your heraldic stuff!

Send your acceptance to this invitation to Lady Maire inghean Dhunchain mhic 
Oisdealbhaigh (mka MaryAgnes Costello) at costello53@aol.com.  Let me know 
what type of heraldry you want to try so that I can make up a schedule.

Remember, it's up to you to help the heraldically handicapped!
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