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Date: May 23 '99, 11:09
Attr: Loc 
From: Dave Aronson, (1:109/120.0)
To  : jonnyb70@hotmail.com, (1:109/120.0)
Subj: carpet dagger?
"David Ritterskamp" <jonnyb70@hotmail.com> inquireth:

 j> Sorry.  "Carpet-dagger"?  This sounds interesting.  Please
 j> describe it.

Daggers made of a few layers of carpet, wrapped up in duct tape.  I
actually haven't seen them (let alone anyone actually using them) in
many many years.  There used to be occasional mock knife-fights with
them, mostly at fighter practice, and once in a while at events, but in
the latter case you've got to be very careful that people realize what's
going on, lest they think people are fighting for real, with steel.  It
was all completely unofficial; I would guess it originated as "something
to do while someone else is using the baronial loaner armor".  B-)

(BTW, I'd have seen, and replied to, this a lot sooner if you'd kept my
name (mundane, user, or SCA) in it.  For this and a host of other
reasons, attributions are a Good Thing....)
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