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Re: Sundials

Poster: Orendil@aol.com

I have one book that sounds like it might be the one you were looking at - 
Sundials, Their Theory and Construction by Albert E. Waugh. There is a 
chapter on portable sundials, including one similar to what you are 

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cleireac@juno.com writes:

<< Poster: Hank Harwell <cleireac@juno.com>
 About a year ago I was leafing through a book merchant's wares and came
 across a book on constructing sundials.  In this book, the author showed
 a picture of a handheld sundial purportedly found in the cloisters of
 Westminster Abbey.  It was long and narrow, with holes drilled in the
 surface along two parallel lines.  In these holes, one would stick pins
 to mark the month/day, and the sun's shadow would fall across other holes
 marking the time.  has anyone else seen this, and could possibly point me
 to a much better description, where I might possibly be able to cosntruct
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