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Fwd: Re: Mail address for our King

Poster: Aedan Aylwyn <aedan@mindspring.com>

I'm guessing she meant this for the Merry Rose.  Got to watch that
reply address... *G*

BTW, the chocolate brownies in the "months in the sun" care
package were tightly wrapped in saran wrap and surprisingly tasty
(not that I might have eaten just about anything at that point).

>> >If anyone wishes to send a letter or card or cookies to our good King
>> >Stephan, the address is:
>> In speaking with him, he also wanted everyone to remember that he is not
>> the only Atlantian, much less the only Scadian, involved over there.  I
>> don't know other names, but let's not forget those who are perhaps not as
>> visible.
>One of our own from the Canton of Attillium, HL William the True, has been
>in Albania for a couple of months.
>If anyone would like to send William reading materials about SCA and period
>things, his address is:
>SGT Robert J. Dedich
>TF 2-505 PIR (A. Co.)
>Task Force Hawk
>APO AE 09348-0001
>> PS  From my own personal experience, sending him enough stuff to
>> share with whomever is never a bad idea.
>I suggest not sending chocolate that melts.
>Lady Maridonna, proud military spouse.
>deputy baronial herald-book, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
>Per pale sable and Or ten crosses botonny counterchanged.
>Fieldless, Per pale sable and Or a cross botonny.
>Fieldless, Per pale sable and Or an eagle displayed.
>If you have armory, display it at events!

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