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Re: writing to those overseas

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

In a message dated 6/9/99 11:33:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
chhintze@bmd.clis.com writes:

>  I know there are folks over there serving who are not getting any mail.
>  Does anyone have any "Any Soldier" addresses?  I remember writing to
>  several (and getting several responses) suring Desert Shield/Desert Storm
>  when I was going to school, but I'm somewhat more limited in access to
>  print media than I was then & haven't seen any in the papers I've had a
>  chance to skim.
>  Replies to the list or privately (to conserve bandwidth) are fine.
>  Many thanks,
>  Lady Kat

I asked a friend (navy wife) about the same thing, her response was:

"Yeah, there is.  The best one (and one that is needed the most) is for
the single sub sailors... they have this "Care Package" thing where you
take a small shoe box or a 3 lb. coffee can, and fill it with goodies. 
Every patrol, the wives club of the ship ask for donations of care
packages for the single guys, since they have no spouse to do one up for
them.  Especially during the holidays... I always pack one or two up
then.  Contact any local base, you will want to get ahold of the
COMSUBGRU or something similar, and ask them were to send it to."

There are also supposed to be general APO's for both army & navy (I think), 
but can't remember what they are.  If anyone has them could you send them to 
me too please?  Thanks.

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