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Re: Dry vs Damp vs Wet

Poster: Logan and/or Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>


> > Now, I've been to wet/damp SCA events at churches before... so I'm confused.
> > Is there a way to get around the no alcohol policy ("discretely wet," maybe)?
> >  Is there a particular denomination that allows alcohol (the methodists
> > around here do not)?
> "Discreetly wet" is a bad idea, IMHO.  It is saying "It's OK to break the
> rules as long as you don't get caught."
> As a useful suggestion, the Episcopalians usually allow alcohol.  (You
> probably don't know the old saying: "Wherever you find four Episcopalians,
> you're likely to find a fifth." ;->)
> Jim Trigg, Episopalian Lay Eucharistic Minister (Blaise is Catholic, of
> course)

Discretely wet means no original containers (i.e. I drive by in my car and I can't
tell what is being consumed) not an implied invitation to break rules.

As a side note.  One of my Squires is from Greece and is getting married this
weekend and there is supposed to be a huge open (i.e. free) bar at this church.  So
I guess if you found a Greek Orthodox church you would be set.  Besides, I've seen
some of those Greek boys drink.


Duke Logan


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