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Pennsic Security E-Volunteering

Poster: SirO <siro@mis.net>

Unto Pennsic Guests and those wonderful souls who volunteer.
To avoid the "mad rush" for shifts at Pennsic and to allow everyone a
chance to help,
This year I am instituting advance, as well as on-site shift assignments
for Security Volunteers.
To help foster teamwork and allow groups that would normally find it
difficult to work together, I will be accepting advance "group" requests
for shift assignments first.
There are a few catches, so read on.
Thanks for your help and effort.

E-mail Volunteering:
Groups ( 6 + ) will be allowed to volunteer for shifts as of 1 June 1999.
Small groups ( 2 - 6 )  will be allowed to volunteer for shifts as of 21
June 1999.
All remaining shifts and positions will be opened up as of 1 July 1999.

Smaller groups or individuals may volunteer for shifts at Substations as of
1 June 1999.
     (These are comprised of 2 sitting positions. Supervisor and Radio )

A "group" will be identified by a common name only.
A group must have at least 6 persons. (Sitting and foot positions filled
 It is not relegated to Baronies, shires, Houses, genders , etc... 
Just pick a name and Volunteer. I'll be happy to have you.
Any loose association of people who wish to work together for the common
good may form a "group" for volunteering purposes.

In order to qualify for a "group" shift  as of 1 June, you must assume all
foot / sitting positions and as many cart positions as possible.
Smaller "groups" ( 2-6 ) may volunteer for remaining shifts as of 21 June

All shifts will be 3 hours long and groups may volunteer for 2 consecutive
shifts at night but not during the day until after 1 July 1999.
Shifts begin at 11:00 PM and run in 3 hour blocks.

What I need to know is this:
1: When can your group work?
2: How many people?
3: Where? ie; Substations or Main
4: Who will be working? (Names, etc...)

Rules for Volunteering:
1. All Volunteers must be approved by myself or my Senior staff.
2. All sitting or Foot patrols will be filled prior to cart patrols.

Positions to be filled on a Main security shift:
2 - 4 people for foot patrols. (2min daylight. 4min Night)
(these are only in Merchant / food areas, not all of Serengeti)
1 supervisor
1 dispatch
3 cart patrols (6 people)
1 cart patrol for Courtesy duties.(2 people)
1 cart patrol for Vehicle Enforcement( 2 people)
(this may be assigned seperately by a special Deputy)

Substations: ( 2 bodies each )
1. Northpoint
2. Southpoint
3. Bogpoint

All Volunteers MUST :
Be 18 or older.
Bring ID and Pennsic Medallion.

Cart Volunteers MUST:(in addition to above)
Be approved by Senior staff.
Have a valid, Government issued Drivers License recognized by Pennsic
Wear shoes.
Adhere to assigned patrol areas as well as site rules pertaining to cart use.
Speak English or patrol with an interpreter.

Security will put up a website with updated shifts weekly.
This will begin in June 1999.
This will end 1 August 1999.
All remaining positions may be filled in person at Security Point during

Thanks again,
Sir Omarad
Chief of Security, Pennsic War XXVIII
House Stahlgeist

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