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HOAX (Was Re: Fwd: Fw: Proposed Bill 602P)

Poster: "Boroghul Khara" <boroghul@bellatlantic.net>

> Poster: Lisa Brennan-Webb <lisarowan@yahoo.com>
> Good gentles, I apologize for the OOP nature of this
> post- if such offends you, pray delete now...


This is a hoax.

When you receive letters that claim a company, government branch, etc . is
going to do something that is either bad ( like take modems, email, etc.) or
good (give away money or merchandise), PLEASE check with the
agency/branch/company in question before forwarding to everyone you know.

Information on this can be found at the U.S. Postal service web site:

Grey Randall
IT Department
Praxis, Inc.
"Mulieres me quaerent, Martha Stewart me timet."

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