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Re: babies at Pennsic(a minor thought on dead threads)

Poster: Halfevil23@aol.com

I know I will not make many friends from this post, but this thread is past 
dead. A good rule of thumb to detect that a thread is dead; is to look at the 
first post and see whether the person who post you are replying to is 
relevant to the topic of the first post, if not, my friend it is dead. If at 
this realization you wish to start a discussion on a new topic sparked from a 
"dead" thread change the subject, and see who bites. (good net etiquette) It 
is very annoying to read a message, that was supposed to be advice on whether 
someone should bring their kid to pennsic, and find someone, who did not 
mention one thing about that kind lady's situation, and is just telling a 
horror story. I hope the above did not offend anybody and that everyone who 
read the above understands that it was not directed specifically to anyone. 
(i.e. the reason why I did not CC it to anyone)
In service,
Trystan ap Arawdr of Ellesmere
Barony of Marinus, Member of the Marinus Scriptorium
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