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Re: Castration

Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

Okay, since I am flooded with responses, I will assume (bad judgement, no doubt)
that I will not be flamed for posting it here.  Sorry, but I can't keep up with
the requests.  And, I'm sorry to those of you who I have already sent it to for
getting it twice.


John Davis wrote:

>   'Twas the night of the king's castration They were throwing a royal
> ball...his left one
>   The king cried out, not because he had to, but because he had TWO
>   "Balls" cried the Queen "For if I'd two I'd be king"
>   The counts, discounts, and noaccounts were seated squarely about the round
> table, throwing camel turds, for as we all know in those days bullshit was
> unknown
>   In rode David on a tall stud horse, in strode the king in diamond studded
> jock strap
>   "Ho" cried David, "What Ho" cried the king, "Assho" cried David, thus
> scoring one for the common people
>   "Where's the princess" queried David, "She's up in bed with Diptheria"
> stated the king
>   "What is that damn greek son of bitch back again?" cried david, ofr his
> impudence he was thrown into the lair of the mangy beast
>   he circled the mangy beast and grabbed it squarely by the left nut, "ouch"
> cried the beast "that tickles"
>   "What tickles" queried David, "Testickle's" cried the mang beast thus
> scoring one for the mangy beast
>   David squeezed and the beast shit at random, but random ducked and the
> shit hit the king. "Aw SHIT" cried the king
>   And suddenly thirty-thousand loyal subjects all fell to the ground and
> grunted to their utmost
>   for as we all know in those days the king's word was law. David squeezed
> harder and the beast died.
>   For his valor he was called forth but he slipped on a camel turd and came
> in fifth. and yet the princess was not to be found
>   "WHERE'S THE PRINCESS!" cried david, "Aw SCREW the princess" cried the
> king, and that my friends is how thirty thousand loyal subjects
>   All died in a mad rush to reach the princesses bed chambers for as we all
> know in those days the kings word was law.
> There it's done
> You are Welcome
> John/Thomas
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