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Re: Courtesy and Honor at Pennsic

Poster: Svanhildr@aol.com

<< > I was thinking that a good way to turn an unpleasant spat into a
 > pleasant, and perhaps useful, thread is to put out a topic for
 > discussion.
 > What is your definition of courtesy and honor as it should be practiced
 > in the SCA?  What are some practical ways that you could exhibit these
 > virtues in an SCA setting...say, at Pennsic?
 > Anyone have any ideas?
 > Magdalena de Hazebrouck >>

OK simply put...
Remember everything you learned as a kid.. About being polite and helpful?
There ya go. I you do those things you are all set.
You were taught to help those in need. So you help them
You were taught to not speak badly of others... So you don't.

There are many things that can be helpful and therefore courteous at 
Pennsic Services always needs help. Troll always needs help.
Children's Activities need help.
Marshaling one battle goes a long way to help.
As does water bearing and Churgioning (sp)
Some things as simple as if you see something where it shouldn't be pick it 
up and take care of it.
You see a person over burdened... Help them.

All these things are common sense. If you think and put yourself in those 
peoples place and then think of what you would want to make it easier. If you 
do that one thing it makes life so much easier for all involved.
I'm not saying become and indentured servant but if you see 3 people putting 
up a pavilion and you think hmm that looks tough they could probably use more 
people... DON'T walk away. Go offer your assistance.

This in MHO is courtesy and honour and Chivalry.

Help those in need, Be respectful of ALL things and people (you don't have to 
like it just don't berate it), Do what needs to be done in a calm and 
"invisible" manner.

And as always..... Leave the sight cleaner then when you arrived.

OK I'm going to end this before I start getting into the yadda yadda yaddas 
and etceteras and so fourth.

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