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Re: Period Sailing Vessels

Poster: Emily Brownlow <cwenhild@hotmail.com>

> >Poster: Shannon Keys <skeys@millenicom.com>
> >
> >Greetings to the Denizens of the Merry Rose,
> >
> >    Could some kind gentle point me in the right direction for finding
> >information on period sailing vessels.  I would be interested in later
> >period ships that were in use in England & Ireland.  Many thanks!!
> >
> >Medb Ui Tigh Mac Domhnaill
> >Falcon Cree

I once was a student of Latin and we translated many of the chapters of "The 
Voyage of St. Brendan".  If you look into this story near the beginning, you 
will read a description of how they created a hide-covered ship.  It is 
early to mid- Medieval, and Irish I believe.  The latin, unfortunatly, is 
also Medieval Latin.  Sorry, but I don't remember the exact wording on it.  
Hope this helps.
~*~ Cwenhild of Cyddlain Downs ~*~

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