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Historical Accuracy

Poster: "Barbara Bilodeau" <bbilodea@iiginc.com>

There were a few accurate points in the movie:  for instance, Elizabeth WAS

She had a good friend and adviser who had been her master of horse, and she
eventually made him an Earl.  He was accused of killing his wife but the courts
ruled him innocent.
There were many and various plots and games over her marriage, including
negotiations with the french duke and the king of spain.
There were various plots against her life.
But all the rest is conjecture and drama.

Of the things that bothered me the most, one was that the movie made it appear
that the inside of tudor houses (including bed chambers) looked like the inside
of a cathedral.
The music Laurel in me writhed in agony at the music in the final scenes.   They
used one of my favorite pieces of music in this world.  Wonderful stuff.  But
with all the wonderful big renaissance music available to them, why did they
have to use the Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem?


Good lords and ladies,

For those somewhat more familiar with Elizabethan England than I...

Is last years movie "Elizabeth" historically accurate? (from a "teaching
history perspective")

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