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re:Historical Accuracy

Is the Movie "Elizabeth" historically accurate? God's teeth, NO! In the first few minutes of the movie, Elizabeth, portrayed as some little brainless girl,  is enthusiastically going "at it" with Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. The chances of her having had an affair with anyone is less than nil. She was certainly NOT brainless. She was brought up to be very serious, understood her responsibilities and, face it, too many people were privy to her personal business..An affair(as we understand it today) would have been broadcasted in a very short time.  While there were rumors and innuendoes and even leaving Dudley at the altar later in her life there simply is no proof that she ever went all the way with the Earl of Leicester, a man she knew since childhood, and of whose marital status she was certainly aware of. Then there's the nonsense of Mary of Guise going into battle...this bit of complete mishmash is supposed to be Mary, Queen of Scots, I suppose. Mary of Guise was Mary Queen of Scots mother, who wasn't alive by this movie's time anyhow. Elizabeth never met Mary(the one real bit of completely incorrect enactment in the BBC's 6-part version of Elizabeth's life), although there was quite a bit of correspondence between them.  Then there's William Cecil, who was Elizabeth's contemporary in age at this time, and not an old man as is portrayed. And on and on.. I was so incensed after viewing this badly written soap opera I left the theater practically frothing at the mouth. The scriptwriter, director, producer and anyone else responsible for this reprehensible load of rubbish should have been drawn and quartered but not before having to sit through their movie several dozen times. Braveheart was almost accurate compared to the travesty of "Elizabeth". While there are many excellent sources to discover the real Elizabeth Tudor, Hollywood is not one of them.
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Good lords and ladies,

For those somewhat more familiar with Elizabethan England than I...

Is last years movie "Elizabeth" historically accurate? (from a "teaching
history perspective")

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