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Re: Historical Accuracy

Poster: Ann & Les Shelton <sheltons@conterra.com>

Is the Movie "Elizabeth" historically accurate? God's teeth, NO! . . .
Braveheart was almost accurate compared to the travesty of "Elizabeth". 

Lady Anastasia dello Scudo Rosso

My lady and I went to see "Elizabeth" with Sir Aelfred and Duchess
Simone.  We had a group of people sitting behind us who had their own
"expert" who kept loudly pontificating as to who was who and what their
significance was, etc.  Unfortunately, he was as inaccurate as the
movie, so we were getting stupidity in surround-sound.  Simone gave a
blistering analysis after the movie was over.  As I recall, the one
thing she gave the movie credit for was "at least they got the names of
the conspirators right."

As for Lady Anastasia's comment about "Braveheart," yes, it wasn't very
accurate but at least it opened some peoples' eyes to that era.  A
number of my non-SCA co-workers now have been told that:  there really
was a William Wallace who "rebelled" against the English and got
betrayed; Edward I was a flaming bastard who hated the Scots as much the
movie portrayed; Edward II came to a nasty end courtesy of his wife; and
Robert the Bruce did become King of Scotland. Before "Braveheart" none
of them would have asked or cared. To that extent, it served a better
purpose than "Elizabeth."

Climbing down off the soapbox . . .

John le Burguillun
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