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Re: our folks over seas

Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

**** wrote:

> Poster: **** <**@roanoke.infi.net>
> I have had a son- in- law in desert storm. I took advice from Ann
> Landers and sent him care packages. You can find a local restaurant to
> purchase some of those individual packages of mayonaise, ketchup, &
> mustard (they cost 3 cents a piece here). They don't need
> refridgeration. You can also send cans of tuna, and anything else you
> think these people might like to have (cookies are a big hit). If they
> don't happen to like some of the things you send they can give it to a
> buddy who will be happy to get it.. It really will mean a lot to them.

Great idea...just remember to send him a can opener for the tuna...grin.
Seriously, not all the guys have access to a "real" kitchen with it's
utensils, though most do.  Keep in mind who you're sending it to and where
they are.  For instance, His Majesty could get a can opener, but the poor
guys eating MREs in the field may be a few days from one.


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