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Much thanks.

Poster: "Steve Schell" <sschell@hepc.com>

Good gentles,

I dare say I have heard enough to certainly not recommend it be used in
the classroom.  (My wife is the teacher though and has occasion to use
movies so I thought I would ask)

If nothing else, I am keeping a record of your responses in the off
chance that some pert student (aren't they all?) decides to argue that
"Well I saw Elizabeth and ____ happened!" If nothing else it will
provide her with a starting point for pointing the students opinion back
toward more historical fact.

Of course... given the opportunity, I would have her request of the good
people of Atlantia a demo for her students... Should the need arise
though I know exactly where to go.

Again my thanks.


(Who unlike Eogan doesn't yet own his own Braveheart and really wants
one... for the entertainment value only though. :-)  )

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