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Re: Much thanks.

Poster: Michael Surbrook <susano@dedaana.otd.com>

On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Steve Schell wrote:

> If nothing else, I am keeping a record of your responses in the off
> chance that some pert student (aren't they all?) decides to argue that
> "Well I saw Elizabeth and ____ happened!" If nothing else it will
> provide her with a starting point for pointing the students opinion back
> toward more historical fact.

I was doing a one-man demo at a local high school when I noted that the
students (who had been reading Mallory) had placed thier ideas about life
in the Middle Ages on the back wall.  I forget what the list was like
(each item was a small sign), but I do remember that one of them was "wars
were fought over the honor of a lady" (or something like that).  I tld
them that I (ie Michael Limner, a man-at-arms in Henry V's army) was going
to France in order to win fame and fortune and a little land, and that
good king Harry was going not to war over the honor of a lady, but to kick
over the French throne and take his place as the proper ruler of France
*and* England.  I proceeded to do the same for the rest of the 'facts'
they had posted about the Middle Ages.  

Michael Limner, esq

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