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Today in Medieval History

Poster: Mark Mettler <mettler@bulloch.net>

Friday!!! June 18.

 Happy Birthday to:
   In 1511 Bartolommeo Ammanati, Italian sculptor/architect

On this day...
   In 0373 Death of St. Ephraem
   In 0741 Death of Leo III (the Isaurian), founder of
           Byzantine Syrian dynasty
   In 0860 Vikings from Russia repulsed in an attack on Constantinople
   In 1037 Death of Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
   In 1155 Coronation of Fredrick "Barbarossa," King of Germany, as Holy
Roman Emperor; 1,000 Romans die in riots
   In 1164 Death of St. Elizabeth of Schonau
   In 1178 5 Canterbury monks report explosion on the moon (only such
observation known) - proposed time of origin of lunar crater Giordano
   In 1316 Peace of Fexhe: prince-bishop Adolf II of Mark & Luikse towns

   In 1429 PATAY (Joan of Arc defeats English)
   In 1464 Roger van der Weyden, Flemish painter, dies at about 64
   In 1464 Pope Pius II began a Crusade
   In 1497 Publication in Florence of the excommunication of Savonarola
   In 1529 Blackfriars begin: Henry VIII & Catharina of Aragon
   In 1541 Crossing of the Mississippi River by Hernando DeSoto
   In 1541 Irish parliament selects Henry VIII as king of Ireland
   In 1574 Polish King Hendrik of Anjou secretly leaves Poland
   In 1583 William Gibbons takes out 1st known
           life insurance policy in England
   In 1586 Francis Drake rescues the Roanoke settlers
   In 1621 First known duel in American colonies (Plymouth Colony)
   In 1625 Charles I, King of England, opens his first Parliament
   In 1633 Charles I, King of England, crowned King of Scotland
   In 1639 Pacification of Dunse

Gryffri de Newmarch
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"il est bon de frotter et limer notre cervelle contre celle d'autrui."
It is good to rub and polish our mind against those of others.

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