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that meeting on December 4th...

Northern Concerns meeting -- December 4th, Isenfir

Attendence was quite small. Although I may have forgotten a few
people, it was (roughly): Henry Best, Daffyd & Margaret, Duncan (Black
Diamond's seneschal), a fellow from Azuremont whose name I always
forget, a new member from B.D, a few other Isenfiri (Bryan and
Eoywin?), and me. Master Thomas and Graffin Judith attempted to
attend, but unfortunately arrived on-time, and thus missed everyone
else, who arrived 20 minutes late (oops!). Hopefully we didn't miss
anyone else.

I probably left off a few folks, but you get the idea; "sparsely
attended" does not begin to describe this meeting. Daffyd arrived with
a lovely map of the kingdom with all the branches labeled. Our major
achievement was to discover that the branches around the DC area could
all be covered by the palm of one's hand, while most other branches'
(Isenfir, for example) territory is large enough that you could place
your palm on it without covering any other group. We also learned that
heraldic asps are generally drawn with one ear pressed to the the
ground and their tail in the other, so that they cannot hear.

Other than that, the discussion was mostly non-descript, involving
random imagined lines here and there, a discussion of the differences
between the North and South (I'm still not convinced that they're that
different; but what would I know, I just visit both on a regular
basis), and other topics which have disappeared in the mists of time.
Hopefully I didn't leave anything (or anyone) out; I'm sure Henry will
be glad to add to this account.

In service,

Greg 'o Isenfir