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Re: Acrobatics

On Thu, 12 Jan 1995 kuijt@umiacs.UMD.EDU wrote:

[... why the guild concept shouldn't fit in here deleted...]
> There is nothing wrong (and everything right) with the idea of forming
> an association of jugglers, tumblers, stilt-walkers, and other street
> entertainers.  But why call it a guild?  You can call it a company,
> a troupe, any number of things, but guild doesn't really sound right.
> It brings up images of those D&D pseudo-organizations, the Thieves'
> Guild and Assassin's Guilds, neither of which ever did or could exist.
I have no problem calling it something else.  I just mentioned guild
since that was what the previous poster had put.  A company or
troupe is just as good.  But, in order for this to actually happen,
we probably need to do something.  Talk about forming something now
is a bit premature.

So, I've posted this once before, but hopefully now that the holidays
are over, people are paying more attention. Anyway...

Anyone interested in having a juggling event somewhere in the kingdom,
please e-mail me.  I'm looking for interest, but even more, I'm looking
for people that will volunteer to do something.  Henry Best has already
volunteered to teach a basic three-ball class.  I can find people at
my local juggling club (Wash, DC) that are willing to travel a bit 
(possibly to northern NC) are would be willing to help out.  Also, I'm
interested in anything that anyone know about that is a period juggling
reference.  I've seen mention of a 12th century Persion manuscript called
"The Flight of the Spheres" over on rec.juggling, but I haven't obtained
it yet.  Anyone who has any more period information about juggling and
it's related arts, please let me know.  If we have enough interest in this,
I'd like to see an event devoted entirely to juggling sometime this summer.
(One more thing to do amidst planning for my wedding in September. :)
We're going to try to do a few classes at University this time, so if
you're not sure about this, feel free to come to  University and take
a class(es) there.  I think this has good potential and would be something
fun for people to do.

BTW, does anyone know if anyone else in the Known World is doing anything
with period juggling?  Just curious.

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