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Re: Acrobatics

> On Thu, 12 Jan 1995 kuijt@umiacs.UMD.EDU wrote:

> I'm looking for interest, but even more, 
> I'm looking for people that will volunteer to do something.

I'm interested!  I would be happy to help out with planning and execution, but 
I'd also like to learn, as well! :)


> We're going to try to do a few classes at University 
> this time, so if you're not sure about this, feel free to come 
> to  University and take a class(es) there.  I think this has 
> good potential and would be something fun for people to do.


This sounds like it could be lots of fun!  Count me in--if this doggone 
software product ever ships!!!!! :0

Oh--and many, many congratulations to you and your lady over your impending 
nuptials!  May you have a long and happy life together, with just enough 
arguements to help you grow, and lots of really neat blessings and prosperity 
to help you enjoy the growth!


(who loves weddings and hopes to learn to love juggling!)