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Re: ofcourtesy

Lord Leifr, 

	Casually your memory courts the day, noting the passage
of form, shadow-shifting whimsically, casting figures in much grander 
scale than humble actuality--such is perhaps the function of
the sun, to color in imagined glory that which would otherwise
remain grey.
	Perhaps again (for what are these if not the musings
and possibilities of Dream, composed of and created from the air?) the
wind better deserves your badge.  Such is the power of wit's motion--to 
sweep up and array in finery a common slip of cloth--cloth the
red of flame, of the fair mountains of Isenfir--as pennant,
militantly at attention or relaxed in lapping folds according to its 
gust and whisper. 

> If any wish that we cease 
> here, and take some private room at Merry Rose, with due chaperone of 
> course, let them direct their comments to me and I shall make such 
> arrangements. 
---> So much like the sun to glare about, assuming such
authority, known to all, and so by this familiarity, commanding
here a room, there a chaperone.  Illumination tinted to his eye's 
intent, the pigment on the page depicts in every merry shade of 
red the flowers in her hand while outlining his sword in valor and 
courage, lest her name and honor need protecting.  
	Perhaps your claim to sun-as-badge befits you, good my
lord, and I was mistaken, after all.

					Sur vice,