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nothing like the sun

Lord Leifr, you wrote:

> Pray thee slander not the sun so. 
	I intended no slander; the sun seems the rightful lens
of those whose view of the world lies in the distinct and
unmistakable.  The grand beauty of the eagle is due in part to
the proud definition of his varying feathers, outstretched to
enfold all Atlantia, rising like Icarus, charging toward and
emblazoned with the glory of the powerful sun.

> 'Tis the moon that gives false light 
> which leads to imaginings and confusion... 
> ...the fault of treachous light...
	Think you not that she, like her brighter brother, has
truth to report which cannot be sung in his voice?  Do not all
eyes when first seeking out her dark demense find the world
awash in muted tones with which they are unfamiliar?  (Natural,
I suppose, for man to mistrust when he must adjust to
	The fabric against which she dances ripples with subtle
shading.  If an observer is willing (with faith and imagination
as well as by those means sensual), he may be inspired by that
which he would otherwise overlook...

> true it is that I'll defend those fair of heart, both name and honor and 
> needs it, person, though t'would be no pain, indeed, to defend those also 
> so fair of form.
	Assuredly, a comfort to all ladies, whose fairness of
form shifts (as shade around a sundial) in like proportion to a
lord's concept of fair.  We would none of us, gentle lord,
care to bring you pain.