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Needlework Exhibit

    Of general interest to embroiders in the Metro Washington D.C. area:
    The Woodlawn Plantation (part of Mount Vernon) annual needlework exhibit 
    will be open to the public from March 4 to 26 this year.
    In past years the exhibit has consisted of the manor house being FILLED with 
    all sorts of hand stitching.  There are several divisions and lots of 
    categories in which people compete for prizes.  
    Many of the works displayed are done from kits, but there are others that 
    are original or recreations of historical pieces.  Most, but not all, are 
    American colonial and later.  Even so, if you're interested in embroidery, 
    I'd rank this as a "must see" if for no other reason than to appreciate the 
    level of skill.
    If anyone is interested in entering or attending, I'll eMail further 
    My only connection with this affair is that I've entered a piece again this 
    year and I'd love to have someone to chat with when I go to see the exhibit.
    -Ianthe d'Averoigne                         kim.salazar@em.doe.gov