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Re: Re[2]: Kingdome of Storvik

> All grinning and grimacing aside, did someone send that gentle enough 
> information for us to sort him out later?

> MaireRua <mairerua@aol.com> wrote:
> >Would someone please send me information on how I can contact the Kingdom
>                                                                    ^^^^^^^
> >of Storvik in Washington, DC?  I wish to join the local DC chapter of SCA.

   I did.  Whenever I see someone looking for information for this
area, I pop off the following message.  If anyone would like to send
me recommendations for corrections, or offers to burn my ears for
mistakes, I'd be happy to accept either.  (I know for example, that I
have been remis for some months now, and have never managed to
remember to include the fabulous Barony of Bright Hills in my list
(although I have enjoyed thier hospitality many times!  It makes my
omission even more painful.  And alas, once again, I don't have an
Acorn handy... *sigh*  and I fear the postpersoon has been killed
attmpting to deliver them to the wilds to Highland Foorde, since they
don't arrive regularly. *half.grin*)

   This is a standard form file of contacts for the Metropolitan
Baltimore-Washington DC area.  The names of the contact people are
taken from June and or July 1994 issues of Pikestaff and Acorn, but
are subject to change at the whim of whoever makes these decisions
(I.e. I have no idea is they are current, but they are probably still
playing in any event.)
   I'm no one, but I live in Highland Foorde, work in Storvik and play
anywhere I get a chance.  If this doesn't help you, and you think I
might be of any assistance whatsoever, please feel free to bounce a
message off me, and I will try to help if I can.
In service to the Dream,
Razmus the Innocent
(MKA: Rich Weissler)

----==== Contact information begins here ====----

                    Kingdom Of Atlantia
Calvert, St. Mary's and Charles Counties (Barony of Dun Carraig)
Philip of Ghent (Jim Garm) 
	PO Box 1867; Prince Frederick, MD 20678
	(410) 535-5152		garm@teach.enet.dec.com

Frederick and Washington Counties (Shire of Highland Foorde)
Diedre Ni Aobhfionn (Jean M. Lewis-Antcliff) 
	1800 Rocky Glenn Dr. ; Frederick, MD 21702
	(301) 662-1856		

Anne Arundel and Howard Counties (Barony of Lochmere)
Aryanna Hawkyns (Tara McDonough)
	8208 Gorman Ave.; Laurel, MD 20707
	(301) 725-0865

Montomery County (Incipient Shire of Rochesburie)
Thalia Paleogina (Michelle Ringo)
	3914 Denfield Ave.; Kensington, MD 20985
	(301) 933-7429

DC Metro Area (Barony of Storvik)
Stefan of Cambion (Steve Keifert)
	9704 Beechwood Dr.; Lanham, MD 20706
	(301) 731-0673

Prince George County, MD (Incipient Canton of Wrattingham Lynn)
Lerben O Cambion (LeeAnn Roberts)
	5017 Acorn Dr.; Temple, MD 20748
	(301) 449-3004

Northern Virginia (Barony of Ponte Alto)
Winifred Corbet de Wynterwood (Marsha Goodell)
	5530 Eastbourne Dr.; Springfield, VA 22151
	(703) 978-4255

Manassas (Shire of Stierbach)
Miriam Ester Bat Issachar (Ruth Katz)
	Rt. 2 Box 178; Bealeton, VA 22712
	(703) 439-1348

           Kingdom of the East - Principality of Aethelmearc
Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia (Incipient Shire of Silvan Glenn)
Fideleco de Rocheforte (Paul Rochefort)
	15 Karen Lane; Shenandoah Jct., WV 25442
	(304) 876-3061

              Razmus the [Innocent | Pure] of Norwode
               AKA: Rich Weissler [azrael@access.digex.com]
              "Victim of a Random Shooting on the Infobahn."
It's always a good idea to be able to laugh at yourself....other
people are probably laughing at you anyway.            -Anonymous