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More University

Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose,

Lady Tehair has asked me to post her request for teachers for the upcoming
session of U of A. She is coordinating the Cooking and Newcomer tracks.
Anyone interested in teaching something in these venues may contact me
and I will be glad to pass along the info, or you can call her (she's net
challenged unfortunately) at home at 703-960-6707. If she's not home, her
husband Hrodberth will be able to relay info to her.

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   | Enlightenment is not so much making it to Never Never
 Dark Horde by birth |  Land through the secret passageway. It's more like
   Moritu by choice  |   getting off your tail and doing something. - S.Gaskin