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Ponte Alto is a Year Older

Lords & Ladies,
  It is true, Ponte Alto only has a Birthday once every 4 years (ie. Leap
Day).  On the other hand, it is also true that the Barony is now a year
older.  However, saying that the Barony is having a Birthday allows us to
have a great event.

Which truth would you pick?

Kewrec FitzRaymund
MKA Steve Sheets

ps.  Yes, I am the Autocrat.

pss. No, there is no outdoor activities.  We will be spending all day
feasting, reveling, dancing, gaming and anything else you can think of doing
(well, almost anything) at an indoor event.

psss.  There will be no babysitting for little ones, but there will be some
activities.  Little ones are ALWAYS welcome!