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In response to your mention of Blind Man's Bluff-
Are you aware of the Period version of that game, as recorded by Alfonzo X,
called Hoodman Blind.  One player turned his or her hood around backward so
that the opening was to the back.  The other players took off their hoods and
tied a knot in the end.  They then ran around and hit the blind player with
their knotted hoods.
Another period game that required physical skill had two players sitting
cross legged on a bench, facing each other.  Their arms were crossed, and
their hands were held up to their cheeks, palm out.  They took turns hitting
eachother in the head (their hands absorbing the blow)  until one player was
knocked off the bench.  Another unusual one is where one player sits cross
legged on the ground.  Another kneels before the first and buries their head
in his (her) lap so that they cannot see.  All other players take turns
slapping the buttox of the kneeilng player, the kneeling player tryiung to
guess who slapped him (her).  If they are right, that person is "it" and must
swap places with the kneeler.  My sourse (_The Dictionary of the Middle
Ages_) says this game was probably played with mixed genders.  I'll leave
that one alone.

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