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Re: Kingdome of Storvik

Evan wrote
> I should also mention that Storvik is only the THIRD group to gain
> gain membership in the Society of St. Saponaceous. Our own Luther,
> when getting started last year, asked the Rialto for info on the
> *Barony* of Stierbach.
Actually, Evan, it's clear that in fact, Luther is prophet in the order 
of Nostradamus, who has successfully predicted the elevation of Stierbach 
from a Shire to a Barony.

Leifr Johansson,
who, while not trying to encite the patrons of the Merry Rose to riot 
over principalities, style guides, period words, and subtle jesting with 
Lady Susanna Grey, tries to be the Seneschal of the yet still after 12 or 
more years Shire of Stierbach.

Now, if Luther could just give us a date!