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Re: Kingdome of Storvik

Unto the denizens of the Tavern I give greeting, and wonder how a piece of
Storvik (the covered stadium) ended up in An Tir. (Read the subject again.)

Tibor of Rock Valley jogged my memory just now, to remind me that Storvik
is not the first Barony to be accorded Kingdom(e) status on the Rialto.

From: uunet!zariski.harvard.edu!schuldy (Mark Schuldenfrei)
Subject: Re: Kingdome of Storvik
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 13:06:54 -0500 (EST)
In-Reply-To: <9501251502.AA06550@rootbeer.telenet.com> from "Dave Montuori" at Jan 25, 95 10:02:24 am

>>>Would someone please send me information on how I can contact the Kingdom
>>                                                                   ^^^^^^^
>>>of Storvik in Washington, DC?  I wish to join the local DC chapter of SCA.
>>  Yes, folks, just as a King can grant an Augmentation of Arms to a group,
>>  so now have we been blessed (?) with the first INSTITUTIONAL member of
>>  the Order of St. Saponaceous!

>Sorry, Evan, but as usual, the Kingdom of Carolingia was there first.
>(Someone on the Rialto tried to list all 13 Kingdoms, and forgot Atenveldt,
>but did include Carolingia. It was about a year ago or more)

>	Tibor (That's OK: we kept our Baron and Baroness anyway.)

(end of quoted text)

I should also mention that Storvik is only the THIRD group to gain
gain membership in the Society of St. Saponaceous. Our own Luther,
when getting started last year, asked the Rialto for info on the
*Barony* of Stierbach.

Evan, already making plans for University at Rencester. Serious
warning to all: bring rain gear. Alys and I didn't name the place
"Rain City" for no reason. Ah, Williamsburg in the spring...
>schlupp schlupp...<