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Re: Is this happening to anyone else?

On Thu, 26 Jan 1995 EoganmacL@aol.com wrote:

>  <Is anyone else getting double postings or am I just blessed with 
>      duplicity?>
> Greetings Tadhg,
> I too am blessed with this duplicity.  Also, whenever I sent a post here, I
> get a message saying the next day, from Gateway@csgi.com
> Sorry. Your message could not be delivered to:
> <Otelio S. Randall II (The name was not found at the remote site. Check that
> the name has been entered correctly.)>
> I have never heard of this individual.  Curioser and curioser...
> Aye,
> Eogan
> "Between yes and no, what is the difference?"
> -Zen Saying

This has now been taken care of.  But it has brought up something
that I must mention.  If an address that you have subscribed to the
list becomes invalid, please unsubscribe it.  It makes for much less
work on the administrator's part, and it's just plain nice.  Instructions
for unsubscribing were sent to everyone when you signed up.

Maybe what we need is a document to help people around the system.
I don't think we've been in existence long enough to warrant a full
FAQ, but then again, we might.  What do others think.

In service,
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