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Heraldry Questions

Olwen de Montgomery posting from Laird Myles of FalkonHold's computer:
Hi!  Most of you have probably seen the huge, gianormous tablecloth that I've 
been embroidering at various events.  At Kingdom Twelfth Night, I started the 
devices of the Kingdoms only to be told that I had to use the badges, not the 
devices since they were reserved for the royalty only.  Okay, this isn't a 
problem.  But why is it okay to display the arms of the Kingdoms on your car 
(in the form of the stickers merchants sell at various events) and not okay to 
display the same thing on a tablecloth?  And if I have to use the badges 
instead of the devices, does anyone know the badges for Meridies, Atenveldt, 
Outlands and Atlantia?  Please, please help so that I can get this $%#@!* 
thing finished soon!  Please send all replies to pnh0jmb@pnh10.med.navy.mil, 
addressed to me.  Thanks a lot!!

Lady Olwen de Montgomery