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Re: Heraldry Questions

Unto Lady Olwen de Montgomery and others to whom these letters do come,
greetings from Dominus Herveus d'Ormonde, Triton Principal Herald!

You inquire about the use of Kingdom badges and devices and the proprieties
of each. You particularly observe the stickers bearing various Kingdom arms
that are sold for display on automobiles and such.

Actually, it is not OK do display the arms of a Kingdom on your car, or 
elsewhere, unless you are the King. What the merchants SHOULD be offering 
are stickers with general use badges of the various Kingdoms, as those 
pieces of armory are specifically intended to be borne by anyone who wishes
to indicate some sort of connection to that Kingdom. 

At the risk of sounding defensive, let me be clear about what I am and am
not saying. I am saying that it really isn't proper use of a Kingdom's arms
for just anyone to display them. I am NOT saying that I or any member of my
staff will tell you that you have to remove that window decal with the arms
of Atlantia. If I am asked about it, I will point out the "problem", but
will leave the resolution to the individual. I have better things to do with
my time than "ferreting out" misuse of armory.

Some may note the lovely poster produced a few years ago with the arms of
all twelve kingdoms. The display of a collection like that is not the same
as the display of a single set of arms. By collecting them together like that,
the end result is effectively a roll of arms, which is a perfectly OK thing
to do; period, even!

As to the badges of Meridies, Atenveldt, Outlands, and Atlantia:

Atlantia: A unicornate natural seahorse erect azure, finned argent.
    This is the oldest form of the generic badge. There are three other
    forms registered: argent, finned azure (reverse the colors); entirely
    Or (a gold fishie), and also in gold turned to sinister.

Atenveldt: Per fess azure and argent, in canton a sun in his splendour.
    This is registered as the Ensign of Atenveldt. There is another badge
    which does not have a specific association with an office or order which
    may also be appropriate: Per pale argent and azure, a sun in his splendor

Meridies: I am not sure what the populace badge really is, but I can find 
    out. The SCA armorial is not clear on this. It lists a Flag: Argent, on
    a fess sable, between two mullets, a crown of three points argent. (Flag)
    However, since it has a crown, it isn't available for use by those who
    are not royal peers. Another badge with no specific use cited is: Sable,
    a mullet within a saltire voided argent. This may well be the badge you

Outlands: Vert, a stag salient argent, attired and unguled, within a
    bordure embattled Or. This is registered as an Ensign and should be

If you need more specific assistance with the emblazons, please contact me

	yours in service,
	Herveus, Triton