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Re: Let's divide Atlantia into three Principalities

His Grace, Duke Richard wrote:
> Do you realize that just throwing this stuff out will irritate some and 
> really piss off a few?  

Certainly Your Grace.  I hope that they and you realize, however, that I 
am trying to be courteous about this, and am asking for substantive 
arguements, as you have provided below.
> Just a few of the obvious flaws:
> You separate Isenfir and Black Diamond.
Is that necessarily a flaw?  Do Isenfir and Black Diamond commonly 
operate together?  As I suggested in my latter comments, Isenfir could 
easily be grouped with Black Diamond in the Middle Principality.

> You isolate Dun Carraig and Bright Hills.
I have isolated Dun Carraig because they are sensitive about being 
included in a proposal without being first consulted.  Besides, they and 
Lochmere have publicly come out against the principalities idea.  I am 
just trying not to irritate them unnecessarily.

> If you include Bright Hills and don't include Lochmere it doesn't have 
> geographic integrity.
Obviously Bright Hills can not be included in the Northern Principality 
when it is created.  Whether they will be able to join latter is 
dependent on subsequent actions by their neighbors.

> You lump the NC shires in "as appropriate" and thereby dodge the very 
> thorny issues of where they belong. 

Your Grace, I don't live in North Carolina and I don't know where these 
shires will want to play.  Some will be obvious because of geography, 
some will have the opportunity to poll their populace, as would Isenfir, 
to decide which principality to join.
> This is not the division of Atlantian Army.  Lochmere is an integral part 
> of the group you have coming out of the north.  

True, however, Lochmere declared opposition, as asserted by the Baron, 
Baroness, and Seneschal, deserves respect and for now I will not include 
them in any of my suggestions.

> Black Diamond has been 
> fighting with the Cav and in the future, if things turn out right, will 
> be a center piece (with Caer Mear) of a new Virginia unit.  Sacred Stone 
> and Hidden Mountain and Nottinghill do not fight as a unit.
> I think you're showing your northern bias.  All them dixie boys look alike?
As Lord Corun writes, we're all in Dixie.  That's not the point.  It was 
my understanding that there was an effective division between Sacred 
Stone and Windmaster's Hill.  Whether there is or not, I still suggest 
dividing the baronies, with the possible exception of Black Diamond, 
along these lines.

> > Next time:  Do we really need a principality?
> I think you should have started, and ended, with this one.  Not that this 
> subject need be ended, just that until there's a consensus on what needs 
> to be done, we should concentrate on the Why's and not on the What's 
Your Grace, it seems to me that a lot of the Why Not's I have heard have 
been dependent upon the What's of Principalities.  Many people seem to 
oppose principalities because of implementation issues, as Earl Dafydd 
describes them.  Therefore, I think that these same implementation issues 
should be dealt with, before we seek a final answer to whether we want to 
have principalities.  I agree that we should revisit the issue of Do we 
really need a principality but rephrase it "Do we WANT a principality?"

> Boy am I a nudge today!  I must be having a bad day at work.
> Richard.
I'll try to keep that in mind. :-)

In Service
Leifr Johansson