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Re: Principality discussion moratorium

Greetings from Richard!

Taghd wrote:

> This implies those in favor of principality have the floor starting 
> Monday, and the Loyal Opposition can take notes.
> No judges--no juries--no analyses--but the consensus should show.
> Sincerely,
> Tadhg
> (who is more than happy to assess fines where he sees them)

How do you intend to inflict this format on someone who thinks that it's 
not useful in a listserv format? BTW: this includes me.  The internet is 
slightly organized chaos.  Unless you want to set up a moderated group, 
this is tilting at windmills.  Curmudgeons will be tempted to break the 
rules just to be ornrey.  Fortuneately, we're all in the SCA and no one 
will be that discourteous.  

Richard Fitzgilbert