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Re[2]: Principality discussion moratorium

Greetings, all.

I signed:

>> Tadhg
>> (who is more than happy to assess fines where he sees them)
And Richard asked:

>How do you intend to inflict this format on someone who thinks that it's 
>not useful in a listserv format? BTW: this includes me.  

Bloody curmudgeons...

>will be tempted to break the rules just to be ornrey.  

...tempted...hmmm...what a skillful feint, your Grace.

>Fortuneately, we're all in the SCA and no one will be that discourteous. 

BINGO...your Grace, we may be in violent agreement yet again!  8^)

Gentles, I would like to rephrase my offer to scorekeeper...the previous 
offer sounded too much like volunteering for sheriff. 

Much better to have quiet little notes from the smallish chap trying to secret 
himself in the dark corner of the hall.