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Higher Than Horse Thieves

Greetings unto you fair readers of this forthcoming message,

I have but recently joined this illustrious list and can see already that I
am in great need of learning more of the society's coulourful history, but
for now I wanted to inform you of a small group in the Barony of Black
This group is a small theater troupe that is in need of ideas for small
plays and such to perfom at events.  We call ourselves Higher Than Horse
Thieves.  The story behind this is simple, I explained that in days of old
theater performers were not as well received as they are now in
general...in fact they were often ranked somewhere around horse thieves,
and so the name was formed and it has stuck...For the moment at least.
        Hopefully there will be a great response to this, for I am in need
of assistance in how I should run it for I was handed the title in the most
common of scenarios:
        Duncan: Hey Connor?
        Connor: Yup.
        Duncan: You've done some things in the way of theater haevn't you?
        Connor: Yup.
        Duncan: Wanna head up the group on theater?
        Connor: Uh okay.

As you can see it was a long and arduous process on Lord Duncan's part to
convince me to run it...Unfortunately my experience is limited and I
understand rule #2 (right after rule #1--"Don't Visualize") "When in
doubt...get help"

        So I implore you, expand your creative visions and send some
"Original" works (short preferred) my way.  I only have a few slight
        1)Short = no more than 15 minutes
        2)Few, if any props (I dont have a dragon with a large trunk)
        3)No profanity (Innuendo is fine...we just may have to censor when
          children are present)
        4)I can make slight alterations if necessary...not to worry you
will get

Some basic ideas to get started...
        1)Famous songs can be adopted into plays (we are currently working on
          "The Scotsman"  We did an imprompteu version at Pointless Wars.
        2)Famous myths also do quite well
        3)something completely non-sequitor that loosly falls into the ideals
          of the Sca

All in all I thank you for listening to me ramble on and on and on........

In service and honour,
Connor Levingstoune
Barony of Black /\

     There is pleasure in being mad that none but madmen know---Dryden
            Podo would say Hi if he was a parrot and not a ferret