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Re: Ponte Alto Baronial Birthday

>> This is correct.  The full rules for gregorian are:
>>    1. Normally, any year evenly divisible by 4 IS a leap year, EXCEPT
>>    2. Any year ending with 00 is normally NOT a leap year, EXCEPT
>>    3. Any year evenly divisible by 400 IS a leap year
>> The year 2000 will be the first time that rule 3 has ever been applied,
>> so people do tend to forget it.  The upshot is:
>The year 1600 was the first time rule 3 was applied, but only in the 
>countries of the Holy Roman Empire. Most other countries did not switch 
>to gregorian until after 1600.

Quibble, quibble.  I was aware of the fact, but it's not like anything that
happened outside Britain had any significance...

	-- Galen 'though the Riviera does have better beaches' Woodwalker