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The Principalities Debate, was: The Evil P-word

Greetings again Merry Rosers,

Well, it has been an interesting week.  I want to thank everyone who 
spoke up, publicly or privately, for all their comments and opinions.  So 
far, everyone has been (relatively ;-)) polite, if not on the subject.

Earl Dafydd, Lady Siobhan, and Lord Alexii have made some suggestions 
about topics and order and so on.  So I have some changes to make in the 
topics list:

1. 	Let's divide Atlantia into three Principalities (last weeks thread)
2. 	Do we really need a principality?
3.	Doesn't enough opposition exist to kill principalities?
4. 	Doesn't a principality have to follow a state border?
5. 	Do we want more Royalty?
6. 	Do we want more Orders?
7. 	Do we want more Newsletters? (Lady Thalia's concern)
8.	Do we want more excluded dates for Principality Events?
9.	Where will all the spiffiness come from? (Lord Tadhg's concern)
10.	My Personal reasons for or against Principalities.
11.	So, do we WANT principalities?
12.	How can we push forward with principalities? (a very tentative subject)

Now some brief extracts of comments on this debate itself.`

Lord Henry Best compared it to a nightmare induced by bolted beef.  As 
your mother would probably suggest, Henry, chew your meat more thoroughly 
next time ;-).

One person asked that I not suggest that the Con-P could be concerned, 
thoughtful, and loyal subjects to the Crown, as this implies that they 
might, in fact be, unconcerned, unthoughtful, and disloyal subjects.  I 
think that's a bit of a reach ;-).

Duke Richard said I am "beating a dead horse" and that I will irritate 
some people.  As for the first, well, I have seen some interesting stuff 
so far, and expect to see more.  As for the second, to paraphrase a Baron 
I know, isn't being irritable their problem, and not mine.

Finally, Alan Davis suggested a very tight format for this discussion, to 
which Lord Tadhg agreed.  But as his Grace, Duke Richard pointed out, 
there is no way to control this discussion, or to sanction the speakers 
for speaking out of turn.  So I intend to proceed as discribed in my 
original post.

 In Service
 Leifr Johansson
 Committee for Fun Principalities (CFFP), still looking for members.