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The Principality(ies) Debate, This could be the END

Greetings again Merry Rosers,

To the patient all good things come, and I have decided that my patient 
readers deserve an end of this discussion.

Why, some people will immediately ask?

	Because I think I've achieved most of my originial objectives.

So I wish to thank a number of people who've participated in this 
discussion, particularly Lady Thalia, Lord Tadhg, and His Grace, Duke 

And Gratefully, m'lady Karen the Dane-gerous, m'lord Anoghus, m'lord 
Bern, m'lady Denise the Delurker, Lord Herveus, Lord Evan, Her Grace 
Duchess Melisande, Lord Corun;

And foreignerly, Lord Michael, Lord Francois, and Tibor;

And for keeping me on the straight and narrow, His Excellency, Earl 
Dafydd, Lady Branwynn, and Lady Alianora (who it just sucks to be because 
she gets to go to Scotland in September, our lose is Drakkenwald's gain);

Also, Master Robyyan, Lady Siobhan, His Excellency Jarl Galmr, Lord 
Alexii, Baron Achbar, Lord Gregory Blount, Lord Klaus;

And everyone else I've forgotten, thank you!

Just as a recap, the suggested topics were:
> 1. 	Let's divide Atlantia into three Principalities (first thread)
> 2. 	Do we really need a principality? (last week's thread)
> 3.	Doesn't enough opposition exist to kill principalities?
> 4. 	Doesn't a principality have to follow a state border?
  4.a	Are borders bad or good?
> 5. 	Do we want more Royalty?
> 6. 	Do we want more Orders?
> 7. 	Do we want more Newsletters?
> 8.	Do we want more excluded dates for Principality Events?
> 9.	Where will all the spiffiness come from? (Lord Tadhg's concern)
> 10.	My Personal reasons for or against Principalities.
> 11.	So, do we WANT principalities?
> 12.	How can we push forward with principalities? (a very tentative subject)

And with Lord Klaus' help, I think we have hit most of them.  Thank you 

So you are all free to sit, sing and drink, and mayhap I'll drop by and 
write a song or two.  It's time to take principalities into more formal 
arenas then this.  For this discussion has convinced me that the answer 
to topic number 12 is yes, I can push forward the idea of a principality 
in groups where a significant portion of the caring population favor the 

So forgive me, but I'll be busy with Nova Roma/Mircwoode/Ancient 
Storvik/Palmprint/DayTrip, grouping, I hope, Storvik, Stierbach, Ponte 
Alto, and Highland Foorde.

But I'll be happy to help anyone else in the Kingdom with their 
principality efforts, as I think principalities are too fun not to share.

In Service
Leifr Johannson
Committee for Fun Principalities (CFFP)