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Re: Atlantian problems.....

Greetings from Tibor.  I hope you will forgive the commentary from a
non-subject of Atlantia.

Michael Johnson wrote:
  See, that's exactly the problem that Atlantia has.  I'm not intending to 
  insult you or anyone else, but you've given a prime example of what's going 
  on in this kingdom.  You admit that because of the politics of the
  kingdom, that you aren't having fun on the list anymore.  However, you're
  not willing to stand up for what the SCA was supposed to be all about.
  Having fun.  

"The shootings will continue until Morale improves."

You can't tell someone to "Have Fun", and expect it to work.  You need to
simply have fun yourself, and make life be fun for others.

As a small case in point, a good friend of mine felt that political
discussions were coming to dominate his activities at events.  He has asked
his friends to respect his desire to reduce his undesired political
involvement at events.  And, he has begun bringing period board games, a
more period setup, and lots of food and stuff to events, along with projects
and some good books.

Now, he sets up at the tourney fields edge, or near whatever is the main
activity, and welcomes folks.  If politics begins, he quietly asks the
speaker, without challenging them, to not interfere with his fun, because
"talking about the SCA is not why I'm here today: doing period things is."

We respect his desires: and we have more fun.  Now, mind you, I like to
discuss SCA politics.  And I still do, even at events.  But when I do, I
walk away from this Brigadoon.  I usually return to it as soon as I can.

None of us can MAKE fun happen.  But all of us can ALLOW fun to happen.  On
this list, and in real life.  Just be fun, and make it look appealing.

	Tibor  (With thanks to Mordeaugh for his portable paradise.)