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Re: Re[2]: Can o' Worms

Hi Ayo,

You wrote:

>     Leifr,
>       You keep saying that a prinicipality is a good idea because it would
>     be fun.  Correct me if I'm wrong but this funness is your basic
>     argument for a principality, right?  Can you tell us all _why_ it would
>     be fun to create a principality in Atlantia? 

Fun.  I think Princes would be fun.  I think Coronet lists would be fun.  
I think inter-principality wars would be fun.  I think that more orders 
would be fun.

Good.  I think principality offices would be good.  I think getting 
baronies to work together would be good.  I think principality courts (in 
the sense of a group of people around the prince, not in the sense of 
listening to heralds drone) would be good.

>	 Also, you seem to think
>     that this principality issue has no bearing on the problems in this
>     kingdom....I don't see how.  Reading this list should tell you just how
>     much of an effect a principality would have on the kingdom(good and
>     bad).  You simply cannot separate this issue from the problems in
>     Atlantia.  Reread the debate and you'll see why.
Again.  I am not trying to justify principalities to solve Atlantia's 
problems.  Bren's raised one problem, as he sees it, and already we have 
four different positions on it.  We can talk about how principalities 
bear on Atlantia's problems just as soon as you give me the approved list 
of problems.  How can I use the effects of principalities on problems as 
a justification, when you can not provide me with an agreed upon list of 
problems.  I've tried that route.  It does not work.

Thank you for asking.