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Re: the principality debate

Gregory wrote:
> The biggest objection I've seen is that it will reduce travel across
> principality boundaries and end up splitting people from their
> friends. 

I don't see how borders split you from your friends.  Nothing stops you 
from visiting them.  Is there a royal law in effect saying that Atlantian's
can not fraternize with Easterners?  I don't think so.  Yes, you would 
suppose people wouldn't cross border, but that doesn't happen to be 
true.  I know this because two of Ponte Alto's officers live in my shire 
(and one of mine lives in their barony ;-)).  People cross the 
East/Atlantia border to play all the time, I have been assured.

> Had you been listening in Cheapside the last time the
> principality issue came up, you might have heard this, in some
> detail.

Sorry I missed that (I think).

> An additional objection is that border groups get hurt; this
> IS applicable to the whole Kingdom, because we're supposed to care
> about all the groups in the Kingdom, not just our individual local
> groups. My local group happens to be one that's on every border
> proposed so far, 

Well, groups are hurt when they are not visited by Royalty and when they 
don't draw enough people to their events.  However, as more groups are 
formed in Atlantia, and more are forming, that situation gets worse.  
More Royalty, in the form of serene Princes and Princesses, increases 
your likelyhood of seeing Royalty, not reduces it.  Enough people is 
more difficult.  However, we all might consider the case of Highland 
Foorde, and ask how long has it been since they've seen royalty at an 
event, or Border Vale Keep?

> and I don't like it much when our concern is labeled
> "group-specific" and "not applicable to the whole Kingdom".
I don't believe I was referring to your objections, Gregory.

> I personally don't believe that this discussion is going anywhere at
> the moment, except into a large number of virtual trashcans.
> In service (and in the trash),

Thank you for your .02.

In service
Leifr (I save these messages, myself)