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Re: Re[2]: Lunch in Alexandri...

> Tadgh writes:
> >     Greetings, all.
> >     
> >     There has been a suggestion for having a get-together at L'Enfant 
> >     Plaza. What do the folks for the downtown cluster think?
> >     
> >     Tadhg
> Sounds like a good idea to me.  How many people do we have in that neck of
> the city (besides you, me, and Corun)?
> Ranulf
Greetings from Baron Rorik Fredericsson

I mundanely work at the main USDA building - 3 or 4 blocks from the Plaza -
while it might be a good central location to meet and have subway access
for those farther out, it also has no food court for varying tastes.  It 
has a big pizza/deli, a decent chinese sit down and across the hall a 
chinese 'buffet'.  A couple of sandwich shops spread about and a couple of
chain burger joints.  The pizza place ACTIVELY discourages brown bag or 
other places food in their space.

Another possible place is the Old Post Office at 12th & Penn at the 
Federal Triangle metro stop.  In gentle weather it is a 10 minute brisk
stroll from the USDA building.  It has a food court.

When the location, days and times are finalized, please publish them in
the Drekkar so Internet challenged can hear about it.

                                   Yours in service
                                   Rorik 'GreyGoose'